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Braces Troubleshooting

It is very rare to have a true orthodontic emergency.

If you feel like you are having a problem at home that cannot be taken care of by yourself or if you are experiencing severe pain that can't be resolved, please call our office. We can talk to you over the phone to help or can schedule you to be seen.


Ortho Wax Saves the Day

Orthodontic wax comes hand in hand with braces. It is a great means to aid in comfort. If you feel a wire poking or a bracket loose, wax can be placed on the wire or bracket to prevent any irritation. You can also inquire about Gishy Goo! It is a great product that acts like an orthodontic Band-Aid. Gishy Goo is more durable and should stay on while eating. You can purchase this item at your next appointment. 


Mouth Irritation

It may take a little time for your lips, cheeks, or tongue to "toughen up" during the first couple of weeks when braces are placed. Wax can alleviate some irritation, but it's also good to leave wax off for periods of time, too, so that the lips and cheeks have time to get used to your new orthodontic appliances.


Loose Wire

Sometimes a wire may feel loose and can start to poke the cheek. You can try to put the wire back into its place using tweezers. Another option for relief if the tweezers or wax do not help is clipping the wire. You can use fingernail clippers. Simply clip the wire behind the last bracket that the wire is still attached to.


Loose Appliance

If your appliance feels loose and is staying in, simply call our office. If any part of the appliance is bothering you, place wax until we can see you.


Loose Bracket

Sometimes a bracket may become loose, and if it slides on the wire or is attached with a color tie, you can leave it, and we can address it at your next appointment if it is not bothering you. Place wax on the bracket if it is causing irritation.

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