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Two-Phase Treatment

What is the advantage of two-phase treatment?

Two-phase orthodontic treatment is a specific process that involves the straightening of teeth and changes to the face. The major advantage of a two-phase treatment is to treat orthodontic issues in a timely manner to achieve optimal functional and esthetic results.

What if I delay treatment?

The disadvantage of waiting for complete eruption of permanent teeth and having only one phase of treatment for someone with a jaw discrepancy is facing the possibility of a compromised result that may not be stable or require orthognathic surgery for correction.

First Phase Treatment

Our goal for Phase I treatment is to develop the jaw size in order to accommodate all the permanent teeth and to coordinate the upper and lower jaws to each other. An upper and lower jaw that is growing too much or not enough can be recognized at an early age. Children who are age 6 or older who have this jaw discrepancy are candidates for early orthodontic treatment. Phase I usually addresses concerns with facial and skeletal growth and Phase II addresses correction of tooth position.

Save Your Smile

Children ages 7 to 10 can benefit enormously from early orthodontic treatment, also known as Phase I. During this time, appliances can be used to direct the growth of the upper and lower jaws. This will help provide adequate room for all of the permanent teeth to erupt and help prevent later issues such as removal of permanent teeth due to overcrowding.

Growth and Development Stage

During this phase, also known as the resting period, growth and tooth eruption are closely monitored until all permanent teeth have erupted. The optimal result for Phase I is to have created enough room for all the teeth to erupt, thus avoiding displaced and impacted teeth.

To help the permanent teeth erupt, it may be necessary to remove certain baby teeth during this phase. Therefore, periodic visits for growth and development checks are necessary, usually on a six-month basis.

Second Phase Treatment

The goal of second phase treatment (also referred to as comprehensive treatment) is to achieve a functional and esthetic balance between the corrected placement of teeth in relation to the lips, cheeks, and tongue. This phase of treatment takes an average of 18-24 months.


Once braces are removed, the only guarantee that teeth remain in their proper alignment is retainers. Dr. Domann and Dr. Orfanos will give each patient firm instruction as to retainer wear and retainer care. Remember, retainers should be worn for as long as you want your teeth straight!